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Tendered & Bridging

Static Firm Frequency Response (SFFR) is the simplest and most widely adopted frequency balancing programme in the UK.

Businesses that participate in SFFR agree to respond to a drop in grid frequency from 50 Hz to 49.7 Hz. This is unusually caused by power station outages and happens between 7 – 12 times a year.  When responding to SFFR, businesses are required to hold their response for 30 minutes before returning to normal operation.

Due to the limited number of events and higher level of certainty around event duration, SFFR is one of the most popular entry products for businesses accessing the Frequency Response market.

Most businesses have assets that are suitable to earn revenue from this mechanism. 

Fast Facts

  • Did you know that National Grid has a licenced obligation to control grid frequency within the limits of plus or minus 1% of normal system frequency (50 Hz)? This means grid frequency can rise to 50.5 Hz or drop to 49.5 Hz.

  • The last time grid frequency deviated by 1% was in 2008, when two power stations and some embedded generation totalling 1,800 MW all came offline unexpectedly within 2.5 minutes.

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Earn up to £45K per MW, per year *

* subject to change


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