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Intelligence Technology

Tackle the big data dilemma with best in class electricity intelligence technology

We’ll help you to convert your energy data to knowledge and action with leading software and metering.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand

Businesses no-longer need to spend time crunching energy and production data.

By selecting a technology partner to help deliver your electricity intelligence strategy, data can be converted into reports and alerts leaving you time to focus on managing your energy use and implementing cost saving projects.

Do you have real time knowledge of your electricity consumption?

  • Would you like to access all your electricity data through one centralised web-based platform?

  • Would you like automated reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

  • Would you like to generate your electricity reports with one click of a button?

  • Would you like identify improvements in your electricity use and align these with cost savings?

  • Would you like to spot trends and gather insightswithout spending hours crunching data?

  • Would you like to compare site-by-site your electrical use?

  • Would you like to track Demand Response, Frequency Response, Triad and DuoS performance?

  • Would you like to access day ahead price analytics?

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Reduce cost by up to 10% *

* subject to change


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