Electric Vehicle Charging (AC & DC)

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Electric Vehicle Charging


AC Charging

In July 2017 the UK Government announced a ban on the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from our roads by 2040.

Although a long way off, many car manufacturers, councils and local authorities have made commitments to remove the supply and use of petrol and diesel vehicles in advance of this deadline, often only a couple of years away.

The number of electric vehicles – especially cars – on the roads in the UK is set to increase dramatically over the coming years and the country’s ability to charge cars and vans will come from charging stations located in the workplace. These types of electric vehicle chargers are called AC chargers. These chargers come in several types depending on power supply, connector type and mounting style.

Electricity Smart can help UK businesses identify the most suitable and cost-effective solution for charging electric vehicles in the workplace through AC charging.

DC Charging

In July 2017, the Queen introduced the Electric Vehicle Bill which outlined plans to make it mandatory to install electric vehicle charging points at motorway services and fuel stations.

This bill is designed to support and encourage the widescale adoption of rapid charging infrastructure in the UK. This measure formed part of a government push to increase the number of electric vehicles on UK roads and was focused on the fast charging DC units.

DC charging, the ‘fast charger’ can charge a full range of vehicles, from cars to buses and from small vans to delivery lorries.

The main advantage to DC charging is the speed with which a vehicle can be charged.

An average electric car can charge through DC charging up to 80% within 30 minutes, with larger vehicles also benefiting from the higher input.

Electricity Smart help businesses evaluate and identify best in class DC charging solutions. 

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