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Primary & Secondary

As the second fastest frequency programme, Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (Dynamic FFR) is one of the most valuable balancing services on a £/MW hour basis.

Unlike Static Firm Frequency Response which is concerned with containing system frequency within the set limits of 49.7 Hz and 50.3 Hz, Dynamic FFR is concerned with the management of system frequency under normal operation before a fault occurs and tracks exact grid frequency both through high frequency and low frequency changes.

Participants in Dynamic FFR begin to deliver a response in 2 seconds and complete their response in 10 seconds. Although respondents are required to be able to hold a response for up to 30 minutes, typically events last 2-3 minutes, with 80% of events being less than 4 minutes.

Uniquely, Dynamic FFR pays participants to ramp up load to consume more electricity when grid frequency is high as well as ramp down load when grid frequency is low.

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Earn up to £90K per MW, per year *

* subject to change


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