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Demand Turn Up

Demand Turn Up, or more widely known DTU is an exciting new National Grid programme that pays UK businesses to ramp back embedded generation or to ramp up demand side load when there is too much electricity on the grid.

Brand new in 2016, this programme is needed overnight, on weekend afternoons and Bank Holidays when the country’s consumption is low, or renewable generation is high.

As the country adopts more renewable energy, the need for turn up programmes will increase and National Grid expects to need between 3,000 – 5,000 MWs of this type of balancing load in 2017.

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Fast Facts

  • Most assets including demand increase, CHP and storage can participate in DTU

  • The entry threshold for the programme is 1 MW, which can be aggregated from sites 100 kW and larger

  • Providing businesses have at least minute by minute or half hourly metering, a mobile phone or landline and the ability to access email, there is no additional equipment that needs to be installed to participate in DTU

  • There will be two routes to market for DTU participants in 2017: Fixed and Flexible. Contact the team to know more.

Earn up to £25K per MW, per year *

* subject to change


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