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Consumption SMART

Central to reducing electricity consumption and only using the kWs that are needed is the ability to visualise electricity use while it is happening.

In the UK businesses are generally metered at half hourly intervals and receive data and information about their electricity consumption hours, days or weeks after it has been consumed.

This leaves little room for businesses to recognise higher than needed electricity use and to be able to address this overconsumption proactively.

For businesses with more than one site or remote management, it is also important to be able to view multiple sites in a consistent format, often without the need to be located at each site to do so.

The most valuable kW is the one that businesses don’t use

Get close and personal with your consumption data

  • Dashboards to visualise energy use

  • Real time data to connect usage to pounds spent

  • Minute by minute knowledge

  • Tailored electricity usage reports

  • Schedule automatic reporting

  • Email alerts

  • Identify bill errors

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