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Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat & Power or more commonly known CHP is a highly efficient way to generate electricity at the same time as capturing and using the heat which is a byproduct from the process of generating electricity.

Less waste and CO2 emissions

CHP makes use of heat which would otherwise be wasted when generating electricity and is particularly valuable for businesses that use heat in their production process, or businesses that are surrounded by a need for heat from businesses or homes.

For many businesses, CHP is an excellent way to reduce electricity and heat costs whilst improving environmental performance and minimising carbon emissions.

Funding for CHP

CHP now attracts a wide range of funding opportunities and can be installed in partnership with a technology and funding partner.

Fast Facts

  • CHP gives businesses greater security of supply

  • CHP installation can save 10-20% on energy bills

  • CHP is 80% efficient

  • CHP can improve carbon emissions by 20-30%

  • CHP reduces losses in the transmission of energy

  • Businesses can install CHP with funding support from the Capacity Market or via a PPA

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Save up to 30% on energy cost *

* subject to change


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