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Behind the Meter

Currently in its infancy, the opportunity for behind the meter (BTM) battery storage to play a role in delivering the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the carbon reduction targets within the UK Climate Change Act is growing in momentum, but is not without its challenges.

What is behind the meter storage?

Behind the meter storage (BTM) is the use of battery storage systems installed within Commercial and Industrial (C & I) businesses on the customer’s side of the utility meter.


  • Peak Pricing: the use of batteries to store power in off peak times when electricity is cheaper for use during peak times when electricity is more expensive such as DuoS and Triads

  • Connection Costs: reducing import and export limits and smoothing out consumption profiles

  • Constrained Management Zone (CMZ): mitigating against the cost of new supplies into growing businesses, especially when the costs of installation proposed by the DNO is exceptionally high

  • Back Up Supply: in the case of grid failure, behind the meter storage can offer grid resilience to businesses as a greener alternative to diesel back up generation

  • Frequency Response and Demand Response: participating in balancing services to generate revenue.

Earn up to £90K per MW, per year *

* subject to change


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