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Our Code of Conduct

The industry in which we operate is largely unregulated.

We strongly believe there should be a Code of Conduct in the energy sector to establish and uphold best practice and the highest of business standards.

In the absence of an actual code of conduct in the sector, we have set out our own Electricity Smart Best Practice Standards (our own internal Code of Conduct) which guides our daily work.

Electricity Smart Best Practice Standards

Our Competency

We will be at the forefront of product knowledge and commit to continuous learning

  • Customer Communication:  Our customers are central to our working day. We commit to being clear, transparent and timely in our communication with customers proactively setting expectations and timelines in all processes
  • Process Overview:  We will provide all customers with a clear overview of the stages and requirements of an Electricity Smart evaluation. All evaluations will be provided without obligation
  • Product Expertise:  We will actively identify and engage with product experts in each of our five areas of expertise to ensure we are offering best in class products and advice
  • Knowledge Testing:  We commit to undertake yearly testing across the team in all product areas to ensure all team members are equally skilled and knowledgeable
  • Internal Communication:  We commit to daily and weekly communication to ensure that our team is fully resourced and sufficiently informed to succeed in our mission for our customers.

Our Integrity

We will uphold the highest standards of business practice

  • Customer Transparency:  We will provide detail of all pricing structures and supplier agreements to our clients
  • Supplier Transparency:  All suppliers will provide details of their supplier agreements and pricing structures which they will agree to be communicated to our customers
  • Fees and Payment:  We will always disclose how we are paid
  • Hungry, not greedy:  We will remain hungry in our endeavours but never greedy

Our Objectivity

We will always act in the best interest of our customer’s unique needs

  • Product Evaluation:  We will always remain objective when evaluating products in the market and will use our predefined evaluation tool to support our objectivity.  Customers will drive the content of the evaluation too to ensure their unique needs are at the forefront of the consideration
  • Supplier Recommendations:   Where the market allows, we will always provide our customers with at least three supplier options when evaluating a product or service

Our Customer Evaluation:

Our customer evaluation is central to the Electricity Smart process

  • The Process:  We will provide all customers with an overview of the evaluation process and the requirements of both parties prior to an evaluation starting
  • The Results:  We provide details of our recommended best in class solutions and allow all customers the time to process this information and make an informed decision.  All products will be evaluated against the same criteria providing customers with ‘apples to apples’ comparisons
  • No Pressure:  We will commit to a ‘no pressure policy’ at all times

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